Finally got my personal site ToastedBits up and running again! I've decided to write it in Java - mostly since that's what I've been working with at my workplace. ToastedBits gives me a sandbox for getting a greater depth in the tools I work with, but don't always have the luxury of time to delve into too deeply. Working at large companies and on large projects in general sometimes tend towards leaving things alone, especially when "It Just Works." But I've always strived for a deeper meaning and understanding of the technologies being used!

Relatively recent developments in the Java community have eased the burden of writing Java webapps. First to mind is Heroku providing free and dead simple cloud based hosting. As a bonus, the tightly integrated loop between git and maven that Heroku provides for both development and deployment makes coding the site quite enjoyable!

git maven heroku

There's already quite a long laundry list of technologies being used to develop this site, and many more left to fill in. I'm taking an iterative approach to getting this site up and running. Write content and ship first, and then worry about adding features piece at a time later!

Current Technologies and Features

Planned Features