Gradle Downstream Plugin

Downstream plugin for Gradle projects to help visualize project dependency relationships and keep them better in sync.

Tags: Gradle, Neo4j, Dependency Management, Java

Render to Text

Learn how to render as if you were on an acid trip to ASCII land

Tags: OpenGL, SDL, ASCII, Demoscene

Code Coverage With JaCoCo

Learn how to generate code coverage reports for local unit testing and remote integration tests

Tags: Code Coverage, Java, Testing

Full Throttle (Pt 2)

Integrating Hibernate With Jetty and Spring

Tags: Hibernate, Jetty, Spring, Heroku

Making Sense of Gradle

Learn how to transform your build with the next gen build tool, Gradle

Tags: Java, Groovy, Gradle, Build

Groovy In 20 Minutes

Crash course for the JVM based Groovy programming language

Tags: Programming, Groovy, Java, JVM


Explain how to get setup with ScriptCraft using Bukkit and some of the pitfalls to watchout for.

Tags: Gaming, JavaScript, Programming

TV Repair

My TV breaks unexpectedly, but I manage to repair it.

Tags: Electronics